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- JUVENILE OR YOUTH DETENTION CENTER EMPOWERMENT:  (Empoderamiento en Centro de Detención de Jóvenes)

















Fundación Educativa Personal Growth, with the purpose of empowering youth between 14 and 25 years old that have committed offenses ranging from habitually running away to assault, have developed a special program to Volunteer and give back to the community tutoring and mentoring.


Adolescents are sent to the Center by juvenile judges, rather than adult courts, and the focus is intervention and rehabilitation.

This is a particular and secure facility where 50 juveniles pose no harm to society. Opportunities to harm themselves or fellow juvenile residents are limited.


Juvenile detention centers can help adolescents, even those who are repeat offenders, turn their lives around before they commit crimes as adults and wind up in prison.

Well-run juvenile detention centers help adolescents develop insight, change their behavior and develop goals for themselves that they can pursue when they are released. The best-run centers have employees who can serve as role models, showing teens that they have choices in their lives.


English is a key for success! And we believe that if they learn English they can get a good job after they are released.


We have a special need of people with teaching or tutoring experience and with a very good command of the English Language to teach English in this Center in the downtown area of Bogota.


Available schedule:


TUESDAYS        2:15- 4:14 Pm

WEDNESDAYS  2:15- 4:14 Pm

THURSDAYS     9:15- 11:45 Am

FRIDAYS           9:15- 11:45 Am

SATURDAYS     10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Contact us for more information:  57-1-3451241/2451242



























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