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These are some general questions majority of teachers ask before they arrive to the country.

If you have other questions or if you still have concerns please don´t hesitate to contact us:





  •  After I am accepted for a position what comes next?

A/ You will receive an email confirming your acceptance, and explaining all the process.

You must book your flight to Bogota.

Upon arrival a Demo class might be necessary.




  • Should I get a work visa before my arrival?

 A/ If you wish you can apply from your home country or another country or your visa will be issued in Colombia. We provide all assistance.

Please visit the following link to know if Colombia requires a tourist visa for your country:


If you are accepted for a position please let us know if you want to apply for a work visa from outside of the country.


  • What is the Cedula?

A/ The Cedula is an ID Card used here in Colombia for most legal errands. You as a foreigner also have to get one. The cost for it is $162,000 Colombian pesos (approx) and you can get it the same day you get the VISA.


  • How much is the cost of the VISA?

A/ The visa is $ 295 USD approx. (however the payment has to be done in Colombian Pesos to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)


  • What documents do I need for the VISA?

A/ Your passport.

Entry stamp or prior visa if you are already in Colombia.

Picture 3x4 with white background

Resume and certificates or diplomas. Hopefully a TEFL, CELTA or TESOL certificate.

We provide all the other documents.


  • How long does it take to get the VISA?

A/ Now the process is online, no matter if you are applying from a diffrent country. It can take up to 5 days sometimes to get an answer.


  • What documents do I need for my Cedula?

A/ You need your passport, visa, two photos with blue background and your blood type.


  • Can I get a work visa if I don´t have a degree?

A/ Yes, however you will need an international certification: TEFL, CELTA, TESOL.

 We are in charge of preparing all legal documents for the visa.





  • Does Personal Growth pay for my Tickets, accommodation or Visa?

A/ No, each person covers their own relocation expenses.





  • To which city should I book my flight?

A/ Even if you are going to work in a city different than Bogota, you should arrive to Bogota first because it is the only city in the country were you can get your work visa.


  • Should I bring pesos or dollars?

A/ Pesos can be exchanged at the airport upon arrival, but we recommend to exchange only 100 USD, because there are other places in the city that have better exchange rate than the Exchange company at the airport.






  • Will the company be providing a place for me to stay?

A/ We can help with a home stay close to our company. The cost is approximately $250 USD per month for a furnished private room, and it includes wifi, and linens.


  • Should I pay a depoit for the homestay?

A/ No. There are many places that would ask you for a deposit, but have in mind that the homestay we offer stays in Galerías and doesn´t aks for a deposit.


  • Can the company help me to find an apartment?

A/ No. We only provide assistance with homestay.


  • Should I pay my homestay before my arrival?

A/ No. It should be paid to the landlord the same day of arrival, and in pesos.





  • Can I come with my pet?

 A/ Pet is normally not accepted in many home stays and apartments in Colombia, so it would be complicated to find a place that would allow you to have one.





  • When would I sign the contract?

A/you should sign the contract  few days after your arrival.


  • What kind of contract would I sign?

A/ we use a standard service contract  or laboral contract.


  • What is the length of the contract?

A/ It depends on the date of your arrival and it can be from 3 months up to 10 months,however your work visa with us would be for 1 year, and it depends on what was offer from the moment of the acceptance.


  • What is the pay schedule?

A/ we do electronic deposit to your account every 10th of the month, except in specific situations when you did not deliver your invoice on time, or when it is a holiday or weekend.


  • Do you take any taxes, fees or discounts on my payment?

A/ No, the money that we offer at the beginning is what you are going to earn. No taxes are deducted!


  • What is an invoice?

A/ The Invoice is a format that you have to print, fill, sign, and send back to us every 1st day of the month, for you to get your pay. We will give you that format when you sign the contract.


  • Can I have a copy of the contract before I arrive to the country?

A/ In Colombia there are many institutions that are putting teachers to sign a contract without a work visa, this is not valid, nor legal.  We can send you a SAMPLE of the contract, but the legal contract is only valid when you have a work visa. In fact, one of the legal documents for the work visa is the notarized contract or resume of the contract, so please don´t ask that your name be on a contract before your arrival.  Upon arrival each teacher signs a contract in Spanish after reading it in English.  The contract has to be in Spanish which is the legal language of the country.





  • Is it necessary that I get a Colombian Medical Insurance?

A/ Yes, by law all workers should be affiliated to a medical insurance. If you do have an international insurance you can use it, in case you have a service contract.

If you sign a laboral contract  with us then we will cover your health insurance plus other benefits.


  • What does the health insurace cover in Colombia?

A/ It covers medication, specialist, dental plan. It is the second cheapest and second best after Cuba.




  • Can I use my foreign bank account?

A/ We do the deposits only to a Colombian Bank were we have all our teaches affiliated.


  •  Do you provide help to open a bank account in Colombia?

A/ Yes,  after you sign  your contract we will provide a letter and assistance to open your bank account here in Colombia. You don’t need to make any deposits to open it. It is a pay roll account and it is free of charge to open it.


  • What is the weather like in Colombia?

A/ As you might know, we are a non seasonal country, so the weather depends on the city you would be working, for example Bogota has a weather similar to autumn all year round.





  • How long are the classes?

A/  The class length is 45 minutes, you might have a block that is a 90 minutes class.


  • How many students per class room would I have?

A/ From 1 student up to 30.


  • Can I know the dress code?

A/ In Colombia you should dress casual to work. Men with pants, shirt and shoes, and women with blouse, skirt or pants and closed shoes, flats are allowed, and if you rather wear high heels make sure they are not too high.


  • Are the students well-behaved?

A/ The kids and teens in Colombia are very happy, because Colombia is known as one of the happiest country in the world, so they will laugh, play, talk a lot, and will demand a lot of attention.  Class management is very important!

Not all kids are the same, however have in mind that it is a very nice experience to teach in Colombia.  Kids and teens get very attached to their teachers and they are very affectionate, so be ready to have fun and to use good techniques to keep them engaged





If you have any other questions that are not listed here please feel free to contact us at:  coordination@pgrowth.com



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